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Turn Coat

Turn Coat - Jim Butcher *Spoilers*
Another great addition to the series. The whole thing with the island was pretty cool. Demonreach? leave it to Harry :) It definitely made more sense as to why he knew so much about the island previously. I loved the scene with Listens to Wind and the Skinwalker! I was a little worried about Toot for a minute, but alls well thanks goodness. The ending was a little sad. I can't believe that Morgan is dead. I didn't think it would bother me but guess I was wrong. And the situation with Thomas!!!!!!! I KNEW that the traitor was going to be Peabody as soon as I met him. I just saw it coming, why else would that twit even be mentioned? I'm a little upset about Luccio being nudge toward Harry. I want him to be with Murphy but still he definitely didn't deserve the hurt. The man just has no luck at all. Ugh, I definitely need to get into the next one.