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Small Favor

Small Favor - Jim Butcher *Spoilers*
OK, that was a close one with Michael! I would have been highly upset if he would have died. It really sucks that Nic got away. Harry was so close to getting rid of him. So much happened I'm not sure what else to hit on lol. I can't wait till all of Mab's favors are done. She can never have him doing something simple lol. Harry asking for the doughnut was freakin' hilarious :0) I still love Thomas and Murphy. Next to Harry they are my favorite characters. Oh and Harry recognizing a place he didn't even know existed was a little crazy, and apparently he'll be there in the future...interesting. And LoL to Toot-Toot calling Harry Za Lord!!!! Oh my I just love this series. I'll be sad when I'm out of books.