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Proven Guilty

Proven Guilty - Jim Butcher *Spoilers*
Where to start?! Well I was not happy with the talk that Harry and Murphy had in the elevator! She has to change her mind!! Ok now that I've gotten that out of the way lol. As always it was a great book. Phages in the form of movie monsters! :D Definitely got a grin out of me. The whole Harry built a replica of Chicago thing is pretty awesome. Leave it to Harry to think of something like that. The whole situation with Molly, Harry and Charity was just heart wrenching for me, esp toward the end of the book. I still can't believe that Molly was doing black magic! I kind of figured it was her from the beginning though, but still a little surprise Butcher went that way. Harry having an apprentice?!? This should be interesting. I am also really glad the Harry finally told Michael about the coin (even though he already knew) it needed to be done. Oh and I rather like the new Summer Lady and Knight :)