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Dead Beat

Dead Beat - Jim Butcher *Spoilers*
First of all I am not happy about this Murphy going to Hawaii with Kincaid thing. But over all this was a great book. Harry is a freakin' Warden!! I think that will be a good thing. I rather like Ramirez. He's funny :) I was pretty pissed when Bob went missing though!!! I'm glad that Butters finally stepped up toward the end. Sucks that Morgan is the Captain. He sucks and is going to be gunning for Harry hardcore. It will be interesting to see how this Lacsiel thing plays out. I actually can not believe that he gave in, even though it was just a little. I really don't like alter ego Harry he's an ass and his decisions don't always end up being a good thing. And how funny that Harry animated a freakin T-rex. LoL. Geez! But I'm glad Bob is back and all the necros are history, can't wait to get into the next one.