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Death Masks

Death Masks - Jim Butcher *Spoilers*

Woot! Harry is ridiculously awesome! Can't help but love all his sarcastic quips! The Denarians are just brutal. I can't stand Nicodemus and quite frankly I look forward to Harry kicking his ass!! I was a bit sad that Bob wasn't in this one much but I got to read more about Thomas and I think he's a super fun character. I must say that I'm kinda glad that Susan is out of the picture for now. And how freaking weird is it that the Archive is a little girl who loves KITTIES!! lol Yes, I know she will be back. That seems to go without saying. Poor Shiro :( First time I've gotten teary eyed in this series. And I actually feel a bit bad for Marcone. I CAN'T believe Nicodemus got Harry to touch that freaking coin. On the plus side though it will make for some very interesting reading. Oh and I loved the last little part about the satellite!! Well it's on to the next one!!