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Blue Moon

Blue Moon - Laurell K. Hamilton *spoilers*
Hmmm...not sure where to start. I love Jason! He's a great character and can always lighten the mood when it gets too tense. I'm so glad that Anita and Richard finally did it lol. That tension was just getting to be exhausting. Nathaniel is a little better but his submissiveness is tiring not to mention all that pouting just because Anita won't sleep with him. I thought the final show down was a little weak with all the build up, but the scene at the Lupanar was spectacular! Anita's power always makes me a little giddy when she gets to show it off a bit. I'm wondering where this whole thing with Damian is going to go and I must say I'm a little worried. Does any guy in this series not want to sleep with Anita?? Then ending threw me a little. I get that she needed a break, but she isn't Lupa anymore? I'm just wondering how this one will play out. Well I guess I'll just have to dive into the next one :D