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Catching Fire

Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins Absolutely amazing! I can not wait for the next one!! It is going to be torture having to wait. I just love Peeta and if he isn't in the next one I am going to be extremely disappointed. I could care less about Gale though. He really is not very interesting. Katniss is just silly. I understand he is her friend but 'Come ON!!' PEETA!! There is no competition. Everything about this book is a shock for me. Usually I can predict events but it seems every time I turn the page I am saying OMG or WTF. I'm really annoyed with Haymitch right now. I want the revolution but not at the expense of some beloved characters lol. Suzanne Collins is a really great writer. She has just sucked me into this story and has me really involved with some of these characters. I'm desperate and worried about the next one. I'm really sad it will be the last one.