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Spirit Bound

Spirit Bound - Richelle Mead ***Spoilers***
OMG! (sorry couldn't think of anything else adequate enough for my feelings) I didn't see so much of this coming. It's rare for a book to catch me off guard. Mead really knows how to throw a curve ball.By the end of the book I had completely forgotten about Dimitri and that is saying something! Although I do like Adrian and I feel really badly for him. I do not want he and Rose together. Lisa is one of the only characters that really gets on my nerves. The Lisa and Dimitri thing, while I understand, I don't like it at all. Maybe just because I like Rose but I think it is because I can't stand Dimitri seeming weak. On a side note I just want to say that I liked Abe since I first met him and I can't wait to read more about him. The interaction between Rose and Abe always has me laughing my butt off. I am absolutely desperate for the next book. I hate these cliffhangers.