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Dead Witch Walking

Dead Witch Walking - Kim Harrison Not too bad. It was a little hard to get into. It didn't really hold my interest until about half-way through it. Once she started turning into a mink it was non-stop chaos. And well that's how I like it. Rachel is a good character and I love love love Jenks. I'm anxious to find out who Keasley really is, although I have my suspicions. Ivy isn't as interesting as she could be, being a living vamp and all. She is just too tense all the time. It makes her rather boring to read about. I'm not sure what to make of Nick. I just don't know what I think. I don't really like him but then again I don't really dislike him. And finally Trent..hmmm what to say about him. He's a great bad guy, but a part of you wants to like him. And who the hell sent that demon after him and Rachel...I have my suspicions on that one as well. I'm hoping the next one won't take so long to get interesting.