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Lover Mine

Lover Mine - J.R. Ward Loved it!! Xhex is my favorite female character in this series and she did not disappoint. I'm really happy about her and John Matthew.
The Qhuinn and Blay thing is really irritating. The were such whine asses throughout the whole book. I was hoping it would be resolved but no such luck. I really don't want them to be together.
I am so glad that Tohr is back. Definitely about time. I'm really thinking that he may be a big player in Paynes book. (maybe I"m just hoping lol)
I hope Lash is gone for good but somehow I doubt it. I absolutely hate reading from his POV. He's just so shallow and boring.
I'm a little disappointed with Payne as well. I really thought she'd be a lot more interesting. I found her chapters a bit dull, but perhaps it will get better with her being on the other side now.
Overall I was very happy with this book. I can't wait for the next. I just can't get enough of the Brotherhood.